Common mistakes in Program Trading

  • Use WIFI instead of LAN cables for connection

WIFI is still less stable than LAN connections. In program trading, we need to ensure continuous internet connection at all time.

  • Use notebook computers and relay on battery power

Most Windows OS of notebook computers are default to energy saving mode. If Windows detects that you are on battery power instead of cable, it will reduce energy consumption by shutting down all but 1 CPU core and slow down most executions. That makes your program trading less responsive to trading opportunities and stop loss triggering.  In some quiet markets where new trades do not happen for a long time, Windows might even put the computer to sleep. So, always use power cable instead of battery for program trading. Also,unplug the battery so that it won’t stay fully charged constantly, to extend its battery life span.

  • Use notebook computer and put it to sleep at night (instead of shutdown or hibernate)

When a computer is put to sleep, all the data and program will stay in the RAM. However, RAM data will get corrupted over a long period of time when the temperature is high (e.g. in summer or if you store the notebook in a drawer or cupboard over night). When you wake up the computer the next morning and access certain programs after a while that happen to access the corrupted RAM locations, Windows will have errors or even crash.  Because heat dissipation and ventilation in notebook computers are not good, this problem is more prominent on notebook than desktop PCs.