External Control

Spark is good but you might still want to keep using your Excel or your own program for your secret algorithm.  Instead of using complex protocol, you can control Spark’s orders and strategies by simply editing specific text files.

Order Control

You can create and edit the file ExtOrders-YYMMDD.txt  inside the Spark Order folder (e.g. today is Dec 10, 2015, the file date will be Spark\ORDERS\ExtOrders-151210.txt ).

Name=External Order  File
Description=External Order  File

20151210-002=Is Simulation=NO~Action=BUY~Product ID=HSIZ5~Price=21700~Quantity=1

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Strategy Control

Name=External Strategies File
Description=External Strategies File

20151509-009=Type=BARRIER~Product ID=HSIZ5~Is Simulation=NO~Is Bullish=NO~Barrier=21800~Stop Loss Adj=40~Not Filled Cancel Seconds=55~Quantity=-1~Open Toler=-40~Close Toler=4~Start Time 1=09:15:00~End Time 1=11:57:00~Force Close Time 1=11:58:00~Start Time 2=15:58:00~End Time 2=16:10:00~Force Close Time 2=16:12:00~Start Time 3=23:25:00~End Time 3=23:30:00~Force Close Time 3=23:40:00~After Loss Wait Seconds=300~After Profit Wait Seconds=60

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