Technical Analysis Strategy

The Technical Analysis (Technical Indicators) Auto Trade Strategy


Technical Analysis Strategy

This strategy gives you the power of many technical indicators combined. You can choose a few technical indicators from our library and specify each's parameters.  When all of these technical indicators reach your pre-defined levels, a Buy or Sell order will be triggered.

We are constantly adding new technical indicators to our library. The current ones include:

  • SMA – Simple Moving Average
  • EMA – Exponential Moving Averages
  • RSI – Relative Strength Index Click here for demo video
  • Momentum
  • MACD – Moving Average Convergence Divergence  Click here for demo video
  • OBV – On Balance Volume
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • Ultimate Oscillator
  • Simple Field for any given number of periods (second or minute):
    • Open
    • High
    • Low
    • Close
    • Volume
    • Up Volume (Volume of trade with price higher than LAST PRICE)
    • Down Volume (Volume of trade with price lower than LAST PRICE)
    • Net Up Volume ( Up Volume – Down Volume)
    • Bought Volume (Volume of trade with price >= Last ASK)
    • Sold Volume (Volume of trade with price <= Last BID)
    • Net Bought Volume ( Bought Volume – Sold Volume)
    • Tick Count (the number of trades, not number of contracts traded)
    • With the above fields, you can choose one of the following formulas to calculate the period's value:
      • Last Value
      • First Value
      • Minimum
      • Maximum
      • Simple Average  :  Sum(Field Value) / N, N is the number of periods
      • Weighted Average : Sum(Field Value * Volume) / Sum(Volume)
      • Sum  : Sum(Field Value) 
      • Cumulation  : Cumulation of the Field Value from the very first period up to the current period, e.g. cumulation of Volume will give up the total turnover of the day at that moment

By defining a combination of these technical indicators, you can create very complex auto trade strategies e.g.

1)  trigger a BUY order of HSIF6 if

        RSI(14 minutes) > 60    and

        LAST PRICE > SMA(30 minutes) and

        Low(30 seconds) > SMA(9 minutes) and   {meaning the Minimum Price of the past 30 seconds still > Simple Moving Averages of the past 9 minutes }

       Average Volume (5 minutes) > 350

2)   trigger a SELL order of HSIF6 if

    (LAST PRICE < 19300 ) and

      OPEN (5 minutes) – LAST PRICE > 50  {which effectively means if (price fell in 5 minute by more than 50 )  }

3)  trigger a BUY order of MCHF6 if

   HSIF6's (LAST PRICE – OPEN(5 minutes) > 50 ) and

  HHIF6's (LAST PRICE – OPEN(5 minutes) > 25 ) and

  MHIF6's (Average Volume per minute for the past 5 minute) > 100

  {you can define conditions of multiple products and even trigger order of a different product}

4) Trigger a SELL order of MHIG6 if
  MACD(9,12,26 Minutes).SignalLine < – 20   and
  RSI(9 Minutes) < RSI (14 Minutes)   and
  Average Net Bought Volume(5 Minutes) < – 30

With your knowledge and creativity, you can create Strategies to be triggered by a combination of conditions easily.

For a step by step detail example, click here