Trend – Strategy

The Trend – Auto Trade Strategy

Trend - Auto Trade Strategy

This strategy uses a proprietary algorithm to detect any trend in the price changes.  User defines the sensitivity of this algorithm and the usual Quantity, Toller, Take Profit, Stop Loss parameters.

If an up trend is detected, it places an BUY order.

If a down trend is detected, it places a SELL order.

When the order is filled, a OCO  profit taking + Stop Loss order is placed to close the order at the profit price or stop loss price. One cancels the other (OC).

The  check box “Smart Auto Close” if checked, will early close the order at market price if a reverse trend is detected i.e. a Downward trend is detected after the BUY order is filled.

Different products have different sensitivity and user should use different sensitivity parameters for different product.

  • Parameter 0:  the number of seconds of trade data to analyse.
  • Parameter 1 to 3 :  these are percentage parameters, relative to the Parameter 0.
    • Parameter 1 and 3, if made higher will decrease the sensitivity and make it harder to trigger (but once triggered, will more likely to be a correct profitable trade).
    • Parameter 4 if checked will also decrease the sensitivity.


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