Auto Adjust Options Price

Trading options is complex. The underlying futures price might suddenly falls , making your Option Buy Call order or Sell Put order a victim to the market. On the other hand, if the underlying futures price suddenly rises, your Option Buy Call Order or Sell Put Order will become an off-market price order and never be filled.

With Spark, you can set the Option order at a fixed Implied Volatility instead of a fixed order price (See Yellow region). You click the “Implied Volatility” tab and set the implied volatility.   When the underlying futures price moves, Spark will adjust the Option Order price for you automatically to maintain the same implied volatility.

In the following example, you set the Implied Volatility (IV) to 12.5. When you click “Add Buy Order” button, Spark will place this Buy order and automatically adjusts it price when the underlying futures price changes.

Auto Adjust Options Price; With Hedging

In the above log, you can see the Option prices are changed from time to time with the futures price.