Auto Hedge On Filled

Auto Hedge On Filling of another Order

When you trade options, you usually want to hedge the option order with a futures order to make the resulting combined position delta neutral. You can do so by enabling the Green region (“On Order Filled, Place a Market Order of”).  You specify the hedging product and Buy/Sell direction and quantity.   When the Original Option Order order is later filled, Spark will immediately place a market price order on the hedging product. Even if the market changes rapidly, Spark wil adjust the order price to ensure it is filled within 6 seconds.

Hedging Order

Besides hedging option order, you can be creative and use it to other purposes.  E.g. you can place a buy 1 HSIV5 order and let Spark to place a sell 2 HHIV5 order when the first order is filled.

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